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5月15日~のGoogle I/O 「Nexus5」や「Motorola X Phone」は発表されず? LTE版Nexus4のみ登場か 

この噂が本当だとすると「Google I/O 2013」のメインは「Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie」と「新型Nexus7.7」「LTE版Nexus4」のみになるのでしょうか。なお、元記事を読むと他にはNexus4の32GB版が新たに追加されるとのこと。現在リークされている新型Nexus7やX Phoneの情報は下記記事を参照。

Nexus5「Megalodon」のスペックがリーク Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie 2.3GHzクアッドコア 3GBRAM 5.2インチフルHD有機EL
次期「Nexus7」の発売日は7月か 価格は149ドルか199ドル
10月発売予定 LG社製Nexus5「Megalodon」のスペックがリーク Snapdragon 800 2.3GHzクアッドコア 3GBRAM、 3300mAhバッテリー
Motorola X Phone by Googleまとめ

489a1f95 s 5月15日~のGoogle I/O 「Nexus5」や「Motorola X Phone」は発表されず? LTE版Nexus4のみ登場か 

1: アジアゴールデンキャット(東京都) 2013/04/23(火) 07:18:07.85 ID:xeMUgmuXP BE:888205853-PLT(12112) ポイント特典
There has been a rumour going around that the Google Nexus 5 is just weeks away and that it will be
launched with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at Google I/O. So who is making it? Rumors point to just
about every Android phone manufacturer under the sun. Let’s dig in.

We don’t know a lot about the Google Nexus 5 other than the rumours that have been going around.
Some people have also said that the HTC Nexus 5 has been seen, however it was a handset from HTC
with pure Android that was mistaken for a Nexus. It was the HTC First with the Facebook Home turned
off and this shows the pure Jelly Bean UI.

Then we heard rumours about a Motorola Google Nexus 5 and once again this was dismissed when news
of the Motorola X came out. There were speculations that said that Motorola were working on the
first Android 5.o Key Lime Pie handset but that it wouldn’t be the Nexus handset.

Then finally we have heard about an LG Nexus 5, following on from the success that LG had with the
LG Nexus 4. This happened to be one of the most far out rumours as the LG Nexus 4 was only launched
in November and it would be too soon for another device to come out as many people are still
having issues with getting the device on the Google Play Store.

3: アジアゴールデンキャット(東京都) 2013/04/23(火) 07:19:21.22 ID:xeMUgmuXP
We have now heard that there could be a 32GB version of the LG Nexus 4 coming to Google I/O instead
with LTE and CDMA bands. This would be more plausible than the LG Nexus 5 as storage was an issue
with the LG Nexus 4 and so was the lack of LTE.

So maybe there is a 32GB version of the LG Nexus 4 coming our way, however we have heard more. It
sounds as though it will have compatibility for CDMA with Sprint and Verizon. A Sprint Nexus 4G did
come out later than the GSM variation some years ago, therefore it wouldn’t be strange to see the
LG Nexus 4 heading to Sprint or Verizon this summer despite the model originally being released in
November 2012.

We really believe that the Google Nexus 5 will be out in November of this year only; May would be
far too soon. But what do you think about a 32GB LG Nexus 4 instead?

Update: It also seems that the CDMA LG Nexus 4 with 32GB has popped up before. AndroidCentral said
that they heard the device was making its way to Sprint some time ago. So it could be coming ever
closer now that more details are beginning to pop up about the device with Google I/O just around
the corner.

2: スナネコ(埼玉県) 2013/04/23(火) 07:18:57.33 ID:QlFRSLh40

4: アジアゴールデンキャット(WiMAX) 2013/04/23(火) 07:19:42.81 ID:2Vah/qdQ0

7: 斑(空) 2013/04/23(火) 11:35:57.29 ID:bYq5nuJ70

8: ジャガランディ(WiMAX) 2013/04/23(火) 11:37:02.93 ID:90ILc3Uh0

9: 猫又(大阪府) 2013/04/23(火) 11:38:03.75 ID:m1dGxpD90
Google glassと新しいNexus7発表するだろうからそれで十分では


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